August 27, 2016   23 Av 5776
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Worship Begins at Home  

In Judaism, worship is not left at the synagogue door. Instead, everyday occurrences are calls for worship. Traditionally, Jews recite prayers including the Shema upon rising each morning and lying down each night. Nighttime rituals with our children can bring them a sense of security and wellbeing and by including the Shema in those rituals worship can be a part of daily life. There are many ways to include these prayers. Below, from an unknown source, is one such nighttime prayer particularly nice for young children.

In peace, oh G-d, I shut my eyes.
In peace again I hope to rise.

While I take my nightly rest,
Be with those I love the best.

Guide me in thy holy ways,
Make me better every day.

Shema Yisrael Adonai Elohainu
Adonai Echod

Hear, oh Israel, the Lord our G-d,
the Lord is One.


Blessings and Prayers  
Blessing before consuming the fruit of a tree
Blessing for eating vegetables that grow from the ground
Blessing before consuming a vine fruit, juice, or wine
Mezuzah blessing
Havdalah blessings
Shabbas candles

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